October impressions 2023

October in Conil is the time when many tourist stores and establishments wind down the season and go on winter break. Germans take advantage of the autumn vacations to catch a few last rays of sunshine. The big hotels in Conil also usually take a break until just before Easter.

This year, October also brought the long-awaited rain on individual days. Temperatures are mostly well above 20°C. Sun, wind and rain give impressive nature and beautiful color games and plants and environment recover from the warm summer season.

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From the end of October Conil belongs again to the Conilenser and likewise one sees some guests and tourists, who learned to appreciate and love the place and the region exactly the same.

There is great anticipation for the coming months. In December Conil is decorated with atmospheric Christmas lights, Christmas and the turn of the year is also celebrated very special in the town center. In January, calm returns again, before in March the place awakens again and until Easter also the Chiringuitos are built up again on the beach.

What is your favorite time in Conil?

Love greetings

Evelyn and Jochen

Christmas and winter time in Conil

Conil is also worth a visit in the winter months and at Christmas time. Touristically, the place is in hibernation, hotels are closed and many restaurants and pubs are also taking a break.

But exactly this original and the focus on restaurants, where in these days not seldom Spanish companies organize Christmas dinners and parties with their employees, we like very much.

And it also has to be said that there is more going on in this year 2021 than there was before the Corona Pandemic.

Christmas lights in Conil

Illuminated streets

All the streets going in and out of Conil are decorated with Christmas lights. Each street in a different design and light pattern, but all nice to look at.

The colourful lights arranged in a spherical shape can be seen on Calle Pascual Junquera.

Christmas tree in Conil

Glowing Christmas tree

On the Plaza de Espana there is the Christmas tree as every year. A frame made of metal, decorated with all kinds of small lights. In the evening at dusk these lights are very impressive and the blue evening sky provides the perfect contrast.

This is also one of the places where you like to meet again in the evening.

Weather-wise, you can expect 15 to 20°C during the day these days. Depending on the wind direction and wind strength, the temperature also drops. In the winter months you have an average of 3-4 rainy days per month.

Then Casa Limon invites you to relax in the house, read and observe nature through the large windows.

Many greetings and see you soon in Conil

Evelyn and Jochen Held

We love Conil…

There are many reasons to love Conil and certainly everyone has a special reason to come back again and again.

Old town of Conil

The white village attracts with the charm of originality and fortunately it was spared from the hotel building boom of the 80s. No high-rise hotel buildings disturb the local, landscape and coastal image. And definitely, one can say that Conil was only positively influenced by tourism.

Of course, the accommodations are fully booked in the summer months (July and August) and there is a lot going on. There are also locals who flee during this time if they can. But also this phase of the year has its charm and if you want you can find quiet places at the sea and in the village.

Chringuito drinks on the beach of Conil

The endlessly long sandy beach offers enough space to linger. During the months of April/May to September/October, the Chiringuitos (beach bars) are a nice place to go – if you find a place there in the evening, you can experience great sunsets with fine drinks.

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Current weather data in Conil

Sun, wind, waves and rain are not only of interest to water sports enthusiasts. Some long for the wind, others want to know when the wind will decrease again.

For kitesurfers, windsurfers, surfers, sailors, paragliders and all those who are waiting for the perfect breeze or calm, Windfinder.com provides great details.

On this website the weather widget of Windfinder.com GmbH & Co.KG is integrated. To display the weather data, your IP address is transmitted to Windfinder.com GmbH & Co.KG. No other personal data will be transmitted. Your IP address is logged by Windfinder.com GmbH & Co.KG for technical reasons and deleted after 7 days.

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Important telephone numbers

Below is a compilation of important telephone numbers, emergency numbers and information for emergencies and also general information about staying and holidaying in Conil.

Emergency numbers

  • Emergency call: 112
  • Emergencias Sanitarias (emergency doctor / ambulance): 061 or 112
  • Bomberos Conil (fire brigade): 080 or 085
  • Policía local (Conil POLICE): 956 440 125 or 092
    Calle Camino de Chiclana, Conil
  • Guardia Civil (Police – Periphery & Traffic): 956 440 124 or 062
    Calle Carretera, Conil
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